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Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs


Everything is voluntary and free.

No Fees. No Money. No tricks. Just Free stuff!

The free stuff you donate belong to you, so you decide whom to donate them.

In GIVINGETTING we are based on truth, fairness, respect, philanthropy and in desire to help!

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Everything is free? This is amazing!

Everything is free because we want to help. It's incredible but true. No tricks. No fees. Unusual but true!

If after you help someone or if you receive help from someone and want to help support this website, you can donate money to GIVINGETTING to fund our work.

The owner of everything that gives is the one who decides who to give away and it is the same owner who delivers the unwanted items. We do not recommend you who you should give; we do not handle given things. It is yourself who give and receive.

We believe that everyone can give the object that is leftover, the unneeded (or unwanted items) or just something that is no longer used. We are sure that there is always someone who may need this gift from you for reuse

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How I give away free or how I get free?

Getting free stuff or service for reuse in GIVINGETTING is very easy. You just request the product or service you need. In our section I need your free gift you can do this

Giving free stuff or services in GIVINGETTING is also very easy. Upload the unwanted items you want to donate and select who to give it free. In our section I want to give free you can do this

Once you are a registered in GIVINGETTING, you can donate or request at anytime and as many times as you want.  It’s entirely up to you!

Please read or view video to have a better understanding of how does GIVINGETTING works


Why give away free?

Someone may need things that you do no longer need. Whenever you GIVE something that someone needs, you help to improve their life as well as yours: You provide a service to others

In different religions and philosophies, the concept of GIVINGETTING is essential in life; first you have to GIVE to open the doors to GET. The more you GIVE, the more you GET. Go now and give your free stuff


Who to give away free?

You can choose on our website among the people seeking or you can just wait and choose from the people who ask for the unwanted item or service that you offer. You are the one who decides which person you are going to GIVE the unneeded object that is leftover or that you no longer need


What can I give away free?

What you believe might serve someone. It can be used or brand new; the most important thing is that it still useful. It can be whatever you no longer use and you no longer need (unwanted items or unneeded). Remember, someone will reuse them 

Look among the things people need and find out whether you have some of those objects that you do not longer need and then you can GIVE them away. Or if you see someone that desperately need something for reuse and no one is GIVING that thing, you can give it away to this person


Should I tell all my friends and family about GIVINGETTING website?

Of course yes! Tell all your friends, family and everybody because who knows what they may want to give away for reuse or what they need!  The more people we gather and show them the website, more things are going to be given free and gotten free. Tell everyone you know about GIVINGETTING!


Can I get something in GIVINGETTING and sell it afterwards?

NO! GIVINGETTING is an altruist website to help each other. We do not share and do not tolerate such behavior


Who pays goods shipping?

The ZIPCODE is requested to be let the provision of an accurate list of products to each person according to the closeness of his/her ZIPCODE, then, shipping can be avoided if the claimer choose to pick the item up  

If shipping is necessary, it has to be paid by either the applicant or the donor. Please get to an agreement between both of you


When I give free something, what I get in return?

If you are asked for an economical benefit, the answer is you don´t get nothing. But are getting much more. You just do something wonderfully generous for someone else and feels good that comes from giving to someone in need. Remember, first you have to GIVE to open the doors to GETTING. The more you GIVE, the more you GET


Everyone thinks that nothing is free. Is in this way in your website?

In GIVINGETTING everything is voluntary and free.  All of us must change our status quo 


Are there any costs or fees that will show up later?

NO.  There are no fees. We do not charge for anything eve.


Is GIVINGETTING a foundation or a non-profit organization?

We are NOT a non-profit organization.  Because we are going to service worldwide and each country has different law tax.  Remember: Your contributions ARE NOT tax deductible


Why should I donate money to GIVINGETTING?

GIVINGETTING wants to link needy people with donors. GIVINGETTING is only a tool to give and get products or services FREE.  GIVINGETTING depends on your financial help to fund our work


Where does my money go?

Your contribution in cash goes to people, technology to grow up. Remember, the more people we gather and show them the website, more things will be given free and gotten free


Why do you say GIVINGETTING is set up for altruistic purposes?

GIVINGETTING is structured for giving free goods and services to improve the well-being of humanity and our community. GIVINGETTING wants to do something good without getting an obligatory reward. We encourage you to partake in the joy of giving.



Who chooses whom to donate?

You are the only one who can decide. The free stuff you donate belong to you, so you decide whom to donate them.


Can I request something without registering?

No. You have to register first


When do I get started?

You just browse and register when you decide to give away all the spare stuff around you; or when you find something you need; or when you need something that is not listed. Just do it NOW!


How do I find items?

Use the search function or by category tree in the sections I WANT TO GIVE FREE or in I NEED YOU FREE GIFT section. If you need find the closest product to your home, first register and GIVINGETTING will show items near your ZIPCODE.


How many products can I give free or get free?

No limit. You can give and get all you want!



In GIVINGETTING we give YOU the opportunity to help or serve somebody with minimum cost and effort. With elements that you no longer need it is YOU the one who gives, it is you directly who help someone to improve their living conditions by selecting and defining who should receive your help.



In GIVINGETTING we give you the opportunity to receive what you need, but you cannot afford by yourself. That object or service that may help you and all your beloved ones to improve their living conditions. That object or service is FREE and it can help you to make your life better.

You can do something

Take this opportunity to clean out your attic, basement or garage while you help someone less fortunate than yourself


Got stuff?

It´s time to purge your house of unnecessary items


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