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Mike Sharman, Zip Code 80006 Thanks GIVINGETTING you rock i didn´t believe it i thought this was a scam but NO its real i am a forever user now thanks guys you rock! P.S i am loving my free play and charge kit!!!


Tanya Slowson, Zip Code 64052 A friend reccomended me to givingetting and told me that you can get free games from them and I was quite skeptical. They showed me what they had recieved but still I was skeptical. I tried the site my self and I could not believe how straight forward and easy it was. If your skeptical about this site dont be. I am the a huge skeptic ad I will be the first one to tell you that this site is freaking awesome!


Josh Davies, Zip Code 91896 Here's my Free Sony Playstation 3!  Thanks givingetting, I got my PS3!. I now have an awesome console to play Call of Duty 3 on lol! The only question now.... what to get next?!


Mark Carpentier, Zip Code 06102  I would just like to thank you guys for my free gift! It was my first time using the site and i was a bit un-easy but when i got my game today it was great. You guys rock and ill definitely use this site again and again


Tom Goodier, Zip Code 28222 Givingetting is the best site to get free things. I didn´t believe at first but once I request, it actually came. Unlike other sites that scam and only let you have a few products. Thanks givingettingl!!!!!


Richard Nass, Zip Code 93612 givingetting really is the free site!!! I was originally introduced to givingetting through a friend who had received an Ipod. I was a bit sceptical at first so I contacted a giver. In just 2 weeks I had my Nano.....Brilliant!!! I can't recommend givingetting enough...try and you won't look back!!


Patrick Scherer, Zip Code 10458 I am so amazed by this site! This is now my first iPod we have received from GIVINGETTING! My girlfriend wants one too! I must say that I was extremely skeptical at first, but they proved me wrong when Karl Tucker sent me a beautiful iPod! Anyone who doubts them, give it a try and when you get yours in the mail, you will want to write this email too!




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