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Christmas Puppets, some finished others ready to assemble to use for classroom project or school fun
Zip Code: 4781
Condition: Good Conditions

I am a retired elementary school teacher. Years ago I used to create many original basic hand puppets but now have found I still have several boxes of parts (Vellux fabric) that I would like to give to youngsters or their classroom teachers to assemble together or to sell as packets to be put together for fun toys. (More photos available).
Many others are already assembled, packaged and ready for sale or giving.
They would make great items to sell as fundraisers to help others or simply to give away at school functions. I have 4 or 5 large boxes that have been in my basement and may need to be aired out. But, they are light weight and would not be too expensive for shipping which you would have to be willing to pay. Most are Christmas Puppets: Santa, Reindeer, and Angel. Some others are animals, all of which are my original designs. Included are also Santa Calendars and little Christmas cards with stickers on them. Please reply if interested and would like to make arrangements to receive these items.



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