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How does GIVINGETTING work

Too easy

  1. A user posts something they don't want or not need anymore. (e.g. an old sofa; an old microwave; an old tv; something that gave you and do not use, etc.)

  2. Other users request the sofa after registrer.

  3. User who posts the sofa receives an automatic alert from the requester and decides to donate it. 

  4. Among them will agree when and where to deliver and receive the sofa. 


  • The donor just done something wonderfully generous for someone else and can feel the good that comes from giving to someone who needs. Give now!
  • The requester improves their living conditions. Request now!


The ZIPCODE is requested to be able to provide an accurate list of products to each person according to the closeness of his/her ZIPCODE.

We have a short video tutorials about how to navegate in GIVINGETTING



When you have something to give simply register it and you will see real people who are asking for the things that you are offering. As you are the only person who decides who to give, there are three ways to do it:
  1. You can check among the applicants what is the reason why each of them are applying for and select them.
  2. You can also choose without checking the reasons and select any of them or
  3. You can expect emails from the applicants where they will ask you to choose them.
    Once you have chosen among the applicants, send an email directly to the person; define where, how and when you will deliver the object.

Your action would have helped to improve the life of someone’s life, a family or several people. Give now!

Remember everything in this page is FREE (No cost). Our service is also FREE.

Thanks for helping us to help


When you need something you may order it Free of charge, believe it or not is FREE!

Simply let us know what is it that you need, write the reason why you really need it and then you will see a list of people who are giving away what you are asking for. To be beneficiary of someone who is giving away an object, select one (or some of them) from the list and automatically they will receive an email telling them that you are interested on getting what they are offering.

If you want to create a bigger impact, you can also send pictures, videos or recordings, explaining why you consider you should be chosen to receive the gift.

Wait for an email with the notification that you have been chosen to receive the gift. Define where, how and when you will receive the gift that you asked for. Request Now!

Remember, everything in this page if FREE (No cost). Our service is also FREE.



The foundations may be donors (Give) or applicants (Getting).

In GIVINGETTING we also help to non-profits and foundations to get what they need so they can continue working. We have a place for you.


Enterprises can also give to people or non-profits. It can be their industrial surplus, defective or brand new products. In many factories or companies have industrial surplus that frequently rejected and thrown away. These materials can be useful for people that own mini-enterprises so they can generate new products. Publish what sort of surplus your company has and help improving the living conditions of somebody else. You do not have to provide the name of your company; you are the only one allowed to decide who receives what you give away.

GIVINGETTING is only a media or tool to give and receive products or services FREE.

GIVINGETTING does not assume any responsibility for products or services posted by services.

Your contribution is not tax-deductible as charitable contribution. We are not a non-profit foundation.