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Terms of Use

GIVINGETTING made known that the information and records of any kind in connection with users and items that are offered or requested through GIVINGETTING is free registration and consultation by any person, therefore GIVINGETTING is not responsible of: quality, relevance and truth of it, nor the quality those providing goods, or the integrity or morality of those who supplied it or its intention. It is recalled that the portal is established for altruistic purposes and not involved in any way in the offers and transactions obtained with the information placed in GIVINGETTING and after made by its users. It was also reported that personal data GIVINGETTING asks its users are directed to compile a database in order to serve our user. Please read our PRIVACY POLICY

In case one or more users or any third party initiate any claim or action against another or others, each and every one of the users involved in such claims or actions exempt from all liability GIVINGETTING and its directors, managers, employees , agents, operators, agents and attorneys.

The user agrees that the use and consultation of the website and your information under any circumstances create any contract between him and GIVINGETTING, their representatives, and owners of companies, in office, franchise or employment relationship between the user and GIVINGETTING.



GIVINGETTING donate or give away free stuff for reuse. People can give stuff they no longer need or get what they need and donĀ“t have, donating or getting it for reuse, keeping stuff out of landfills